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Use a Professional Tree Service to Keep Your Landscape in Excellent Shape

Every landowner wishes their trees to be in excellent condition so they can offer a refreshing shadow and be the stars of any landscape. However, trees require lots of attention to stay healthy. Therefore, you must rely on an exceptional tree service to cover all their needs! At #1 T&C Tree Service LLC, we can provide you with a full spectrum of tree and land care solutions for your property in Mannington, WV and all the adjoining areas! Read to and learn more.

Our Services

Property Clearance

Property Clearance
Trash, organic debris, junk, and many more obstacles of the kind may be interfering with your enjoyment and free use of your land. You must not worry about it! Our team is prepared to offer you outstanding property clearance solutions so you can start your next project on fully clear land!


If you already have a clear piece of land on your property and hope to use it for landscaping, construction, or related projects, we can do the necessary excavation work for you. Be sure to trust our excavating experts who can do a clean, safe, and dependable job and deliver excellent results!

Brush Hogging

Brush Hogging
Your lawn beautifully grows every time rain hits it and it receives all the nutrients it needs. However, you must not let it grow out of hand! If you feel it is time for lawn mowing, you can rely on our brush-hogging specialists! We can make sure to carefully mow your grass with flawless results.

Tree Services

Tree Services
Your beautiful trees can keep their good looks and health if you pay close attention to their needs. Be sure to use our tree trimming, watering, or general maintenance solutions to ensure their well-being without complications. Our job is to make sure that trees never look poorly maintained or unhealthy!

Ensure Your Landscape’s Beauty

If you decide to invest in a custom tree service, you will have no heavy branches that can endanger your safety, or tons of fallen leaves messing with your landscape’s good looks. Plus, with professional land clearance and brush-hogging solutions, you won’t have to waste every weekend doing cleaning work on your lawn. You will certainly save time and energy and enjoy an outstanding natural space where you will be able to relax.

How We Do Our Work

Our dependable team cares for trees and lawns with great diligence and meticulousness. We are detailed and determined workers with extensive knowledge and experience in tree care and maintenance. When working on a property, we make sure to know the particular characteristics of each tree species to use specific techniques for their care. You can rest assured we are expertly trained to ensure the well-being of your trees!

Our Operation Areas

You can use our affordable tree cutting service and the rest of our excellent lawn care solutions, no matter if you are not a current resident in Mannington, WV! Our team happily serves properties in many areas, including all of the above:

  • Entire West Virginia

If you are interested in making use of our professional and affordable tree care solutions, you need to contact #1 T&C Tree Service LLC directly and request your appointment. Our crew is eager to serve new appreciated customers soon! Give us a call today!

Client Testimonials

by Frances A. Moody on #1 T&C Tree Service LLC
Affordable Prices!

I have used this company's affordable tree cutting service several times, and not once have they disappointed me! I feel grateful for their careful and detailed work. My trees look better than ever thanks to the attentive and diligent team!

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